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Banking and financing system

CLKA intervenes in the banking and financial systems, for banking and financial institutions (banks and investment funds) as well as for entities intervening on the markets through electronic payment systems and mechanims such as blockchain and crypto-money.

On the banking and financial market, the firms helps its clients to structure their requests for approval as banking institutions (banks and microfinance) and financial ones (Management and intermediation company, Wealth management companies, Collective investment funds, etc).

CLKA assists its clients regarding the structuration of their IPO case. It also advises and assists issuers and underwriters during the emission of financial instruments (public or private investments). It acts as an interface with the market authorities, which are the Regional Stock Exchange of Securities and the Regional Council of Public Savings and Financial Markets, central depository/settlement bank.

We also help our clients to negociate and set up classical loans (bilaterals or syndicated, secured or not) or to finance acquisitions (especially of LBO), projects, assets, etc.

The team regularly takes part to restructuring operations with or without recapitalisation, Debt conversion into capital or issuance of complex debt instruments.

Besides these counselling activities, the Firm regularly represents its clients on those matters before regulatory, disciplinary and jurisdictional authorities.

When needed, our team receives the support of high-end experts, members of our network with whom we share first-rate work habits.

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