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Working closely with the other practices of CLKA, the employment team assists and advises its clients in every aspect of employment law and social protection issues : employment contracts’ drafting ; collective and individual labor relations ; restructuring operations and job-saving plans ; redundancies ; retirement and early retirement schemes ; negociated departures and severance packages ; international mobility, secondements and expatriation ; working time’s organization ; status and accountability of managers and CEOs ; social protection ; workplace health and safety ; new technologies and code of conduct.

CLKA frequently represents companies before national jurisdictions (industrial, civil, criminal) and administrative authorities, regarding collective or individual litigations.

It also assists companies during negotiation and conclusion of collective agreements (agreement on the method, renegotiation of collective status, working time…), on the implementation of evaluation policies and schemes or on the issues of equal treatment. It also supports them during the implementation of job-saving and restructuring plans.

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