Clka Integrity at the core of our commitment

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our history

Since 10 years, CLKA helps entrepreneurs in West Africa and globally. Integrity as a mean, success as a goal.

January 2008, Lawyer Lassiney-Kathann CAMARA funds CLKA in Abidjan. Ten years later, CLKA is operational in West Africa and pursues its expansion toward Central Africa and internationally.
Made of a pluridisplinary team, strongly committed to fullfill its clients’ expectations, the law firm has regularly stood out in the main international rankings (Chambers, Legal 500…)

our vision


« Success is not a luxury, but an ideal that pushes us to go beyond our limits »

Lassiney Kathann CAMARA
CLK Avocats Abidjan

CLKA was built on a creative vision of what it means to be a lawyer. Far from any constraints, the law firm opens up practices, skills and fronteers to broaden perspectives for its clients without ever forgetting the bases of our profession : integrity, probity, diligence and success.

our code of conduct

Verba volant, scripta manent. CLKA commits through its code of conduct to respect the ethics and founding values of the law profession.


CLKA has set up a Code of Conduct which acts as a compass for all our members. Each CLKA members acts accordingly to these values so as to ensure an efficient case follow-up and create a high-quality relation with our clients.